HOTGOBLIN Blood Bowl brings the weirdest and strangest from the Olde Worlde and beyond in a single arena of death, blood and sometimes sport.

HOTGOBLIN is a Blood Bowl League based in Brisbane. We also have a Melbourne branch!

We run a Scheduled Regular Season as well as a Challenge Season for Pick-Up play (and for new players to learn the ropes)

Please contact Commish Big Al if you are interested in HOTGOBLIN Blood Bowl.



This season is brought to you by

Big Al's Biscuit Bonanza* - Produced on Al's farm in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, these chunky biscuits are garenteed to make you feel full in the belly and light in the head.

*May contain urine.


"See the Old World on a 2 plus."

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Feb. 4th, 2018 - old news
Gatekeeper Season 5 kicks off
First round is up!

This season there will be seven rounds, with finals to follow. Each round is two weeks to allow plenty of time to get those matches in.
- David Splatt
Dec. 12th, 2012 - old news
Season 9 + 10 News
Season 9

Season 9 will be capped at 1.84m Gold TV. There will be 'Early Rounds;, where lower TV and Higher TV teams will be paired off.

This will be followed by the 'Not Stolen Honest' Northern Wastes Challenge, randomly drawn round.

There will be 12 rounds with the Top 8 teams competing in the Finals. The bottom 4 teams will fight it out to avoid the spoon.

Season 10 will be Open Slather. Any TV is allowed.
- Nic
Oct. 27th, 2012 - old news
Season 8 Now Running
Season 8 is now up and running. Schedule is up. 10 regular season games with Finals.

Please send the Commish any entries for the Challenge 7 and remember: maximum of 10 games.


Commish Fumbles.
- Nic
Sep. 18th, 2012 - old news
Season 8
Season 8 will kick off on 29thOctober.

At the same time, Challenge 7 will kick off as well.

Season 8 is Human Starter Teams only.

7 day turn around

Season 8 Entries:

Altdorf Avengers Human Chuck
Asoborn Ravens Reserves Human Kojihama
Bordelleaux Saints Human Hosko
Bruendar Grimjacks Human Chris S
Daagen Haas Timber Wolves Human Electra
Fairy Girls Human Tom
Fucktards Anonymous Human GT
InHumane Human Steve
Middenheim Manticores Human Jone
Reikland Valley Reavers Human Nic
Salaxby Double Sixes Human Mitch
Stirland Grave Robbers Human Cokey

Challenge 7 is max 10 games each team. Team with best record wins the Cup.

Chellenge 7 Entries:

Blight Bay Cadavers
Da Fists of Gork
Clan Butterbun Ruffians
Da Eels
Wrestlecrap Warriors
Cockney Nutjobs
Bad News
- Nic
July 15th, 2012 - old news
Season 7
Season 7 of HOBBL will kick off on 17th July.

Please have all your Challenges and Dungeon Bowl Games done by this date.

The draw wil be up very soon.


Uncle Fumbles
- Nic

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Latest matches:
Gate Keeper S5, Semi Final
  2    Beard-Rollers
  1    The Ferals
Gate Keeper S5, Semi Final
  2    Pandemic Legion
  1    Los Gordos
Gate Keeper S5, Round 7
  0    Sabreteef Wellentag
  2    Preston Panthers
Gate Keeper S5, Round 7
  2    Los Gordos
  1    The Ferals
Gate Keeper S5, Round 7
  1    Khaos Klix
  2    Beard-Rollers
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