Old News List

Oct. 27th, 2012
Season 8 Now Running
Season 8 is now up and running. Schedule is up. 10 regular season games with Finals.

Please send the Commish any entries for the Challenge 7 and remember: maximum of 10 games.


Commish Fumbles.
- Nic
Sep. 18th, 2012
Season 8
Season 8 will kick off on 29thOctober.

At the same time, Challenge 7 will kick off as well.

Season 8 is Human Starter Teams only.

7 day turn around

Season 8 Entries:

Altdorf Avengers Human Chuck
Asoborn Ravens Reserves Human Kojihama
Bordelleaux Saints Human Hosko
Bruendar Grimjacks Human Chris S
Daagen Haas Timber Wolves Human Electra
Fairy Girls Human Tom
Fucktards Anonymous Human GT
InHumane Human Steve
Middenheim Manticores Human Jone
Reikland Valley Reavers Human Nic
Salaxby Double Sixes Human Mitch
Stirland Grave Robbers Human Cokey

Challenge 7 is max 10 games each team. Team with best record wins the Cup.

Chellenge 7 Entries:

Blight Bay Cadavers
Da Fists of Gork
Clan Butterbun Ruffians
Da Eels
Wrestlecrap Warriors
Cockney Nutjobs
Bad News
- Nic
July 15th, 2012
Season 7
Season 7 of HOBBL will kick off on 17th July.

Please have all your Challenges and Dungeon Bowl Games done by this date.

The draw wil be up very soon.


Uncle Fumbles
- Nic
June 12th, 2012
Dungeon Bowl!
Yeah Baby!

It has started.

Bring out your Cobblestones.
- Nic
May 24th, 2012
Hampton HOBBL
We have kicked off the Hampton HOBBL first season. The Hampton League.

Please everyone welcome the Melbourne crew into the fold.

I can't wait to see the first interstae match ups.

- Allan
May 15th, 2012
Dungeon Bowl
Dungeon Bowl will be the normal rules but will have the adjoiner that it will be over 16 turns. After 16 turns you have a dice off. D6 + FAME to determine the winner. Give the TD to a random player like an MVP.

What do I have to do?

1. Make sure you let Fumbles know if you are NOT playing or if you ARE playing.

2. Make sure you have some sort of Dungeon shaped pitch, at least 16 x 16 BB squares with 2 End Zones. I suggest making an 8 or 16 turn marker.

3. Ask any DB Rules questions before the season starts and then, in true HOTGOBLIN style, forget to do them.


Fumbles - London Underground
Risky - Hosts
Hosko - Breton B@st@rds
Electra - PopKhorne
GT - The Crushers
Chuck - Altdorf Avengers
Handsome - Crimson Stars (provisional)
- Nic
Apr. 5th, 2012
The Blood Bowl is here!
Next season is just around the corner. We have a season of normal Blood Bowl and a season of Normal Challenges.

Please enter the same way as susual.
- Nic
Jan. 31st, 2012
Blood Bowl 7's is Open
Check your team.

Schedule is up.

Get gaming!!!

It's all about to get even more crazy.

Challenge with added Poof Bowl is on too!!!
- Nic
Jan. 18th, 2012
Challenge 2
(So Far)

A few games to go. Which coach has been going nuts:

The Challenge Matches:

Hosko: 39

Fumbles: 30

Kin: 20

Little Al: 17

Electra: 15

Risky: 14

Big Al : 14

Hapless: 6

Chuck: 6

Moly: 3

JJ: 1
- Nic
Dec. 29th, 2011
The Next Season
Big News for the Next Season. There will be the following to enter:

Blood Bowl 7's (for teams from Street Bowl)

Challenge 3: 2 Prizes
The Hosko (most games)
The Risky (most TD's +Comp Bonus)
Entry Rules:

Sevens can only be entered by teams that played Street Bowl.

Any number of teams in the Challenge. Poof Bowl rules apply for entry into The Risky.

Poof Bowl Rules are up!

Rules on 7's to be finalised.
- Nic
Nov. 29th, 2011
New Seasons Now Open!!
Street Bowl is Up!

As is:

Challenge 2.

With All New Prizes!!! Wooo
- Nic
Sep. 13th, 2011
The Love Cup
It is almost upon us and as disturbing as that sounds it is unavoidable. As one Season ends the next begins with more ways to die and more ways to feel like the red headed step child of NUFFLE!!!

Chrissie Todd has sponsored Season 6 and will be handing out plenty of vouchers, gift cards and money off tokens for her new range of erotic supports.

Madness , everything must go and that includes Chrissie's underwear.

Challengeship Format:

You may play another team 2 times in a row. No more. Even if you have a massive break, you may play a third team before you play that team again.

Commish's Rule: You are not allowed to play a pure stunty team more than once in a row. This means Goblins and Halflings. There is only 1 Halfling team in the Challengeship, so this basically means this team.

There will be a prize for the Team that plays the most games from the start until the GF of the championship occurs. The prize is called The Hosko.

You are also in the running for the Golden Wookie (Team of the Season)

All skill ups are Automatic in Season 6. It is up to you to roll them before you organise your next round.
- Allan
Sep. 6th, 2011
Season Six Entries

Rusty's Crew. Skaven. Fumbles.
The Clockwork Oranges. Necro. Hapless.
Voodoo Dolls. Chaos. Hosko
The Shortcakes. Dwarf. Risklectra.
Dead Time Story. Wood Elf. Risky
Mos Eisely Meteors. Dark Elf. Chuck
The Dead Champions. Undead. GT
Fudge Packers. Elves. Big Al


Wrestlecrap Warriors. Chaos Pact. Fumbles.
Barefoot Bullroarers. Halfling. Hapless.
Symptomatic. Nurgle. Hapless.
Dragon BallerZ. Ogre. J Jonah
Lustrian Longstriders. Lizardman. Koji
Asoborn Ravens. Human. Koji
Diminutive Dictators. Chaos Dwarf. Hosko.
Virgins Blue. High Elf. Hosko
Little Muckington Fever. Nurgle. Electra.
The Jolly Rodgerers. Underworld. Electra.
Terrible Takeouts. Chaos Pact. Risky
Orkgasms. Orc. Risky
Molokai Lagooners. Human . Rico.
Dog Boyz . Orc. Chaedy
The Chuck Norses. Norse. Chuck.
The Crunch. Ogres. Big Al.
Da Boyz from da Blac Stuff. Orc. Big Al.
Doom of Blood!!. Chaos. Little Al.
Bad Habits. Human. Lucky Chris
- Nic
Aug. 9th, 2011
Skill Ups
Don't forget to send your Skill Ups to the right address:


in time for your next game.

- Nic
July 25th, 2011
Name: Saboo

Age: 212

Hair height: 170 mm

Crimp ability: 2

Outrage rating: 86

Character description

Saboo is a member of the Board of shaman, alongside with Dennis, Tony Harrison, Kirk and others. He's also a DJ once in a while.

He's friends with Kirk and seems to respect him as, whereas he despises Tony Harrison and Naboo. Although Saboo is obligated to obey Dennis, he often ends up making fun of him. For either his lack of drug abuse or being under the thumb of his wife.

Saboo seems to be the most self-satisfied character in the board of shaman and claims to have been to "the crunch".

Random Features & Facts

•Always dressed in black.
•Tends to talk down on people.
- Nic
July 1st, 2011
Season 5
It's on, as they say Like a Frog in a Donkey.

Season 5 brings you all the glitz and glamour of one of Chrissie Todd's jock straps and all the power and force of Sir Didymus's forearms in the season to end all seasons.

Thrills, spills and a few deaths in this great game of ours, Blood Bowel.

Let's get ready to rumble.

Disclaimer: Hotgoblin Press and Go for It travel reserve the right for Season 5 to not end all seasons.
- Nic
May 27th, 2011
E-Mail for Skill Ups

Matt suggested an email account specifically for skill upgrades

Great idea

I have set up the fllowing email account for you to send your skill upgrades


please send any skill upgrade requests to this address.

Name of team
Name of player
Chosen Skill

This is the only place a skill upgrade will be accepted.
If it is not sent here then it will not be put on the player

This will help to manage all the skill upgrades as they come through.

- Allan
- Nic
May 26th, 2011
Home and Away
No , not the long running Australian soap but the rules for home and away.

I am shelving it for this season and will revisit it in a different format later.

No home and away bonus or stadium bonus.

- Allan
May 24th, 2011
Skill Rolls
Remember: Roll your Skill Ups after your game. Add it to your match notes. E-mail to Commish. Please CC me in and I will add as well (if Commish is busy).

My mobile is up and running again so call if you are desperate.
- Nic
May 17th, 2011
Season 4 Sign Ups
All Teams Registered and In the System.
Draw will be up soon.

KICK OFF: Thursday 26th.

Teams Registered:

20 Teams

Dead Time Story - Risky
Dangerous Curves - Gronk
The Crunch - Al
Bad Habits - Harvey
Dog Boyz - Chaedy
Asoborn ravens - Koji
Cadavarines - John
Chaos All Stars Jnr. - Fumbles
Mt. Mourn Mawlers - Patrick
Chaos Cheerios - Moly
Nekeharan Sandtraps - Moly
Scaly Dodgers - Little Al
The Diminutive Dictators - Hosko
The GFI Globetrotters - Electra
The Big Bangers - GT
Tuckborough Terriers - Fumbles
Voodoo Dools - Hosko
The Barefoot Bullroarers - Hapless
Orange Clockworks - Hapless
- Nic
Jan. 4th, 2011
Values in roster
Each player's value will now be displayed in the team roster. Values are also included when printing out the roster.

YAY for software updates
- Allan
Jan. 1st, 2011
SEASON 3 - The Final Countdown
OK < Season 3 proper starts on the 4th

I have just done the draw and will post the first games up later today .

Happy new year and get the boot in lads
16 players , on long season of Bloodbowl. Strict 7 day turn around for games with an iron hand crushing those who can't play.

Speed Bowl, daftness , finals and plenty , PLENTY of hardcore Bloodbowl.

Watch this space.
- Allan
Dec. 24th, 2010
Pre-Season Roaring
With our Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, and Jack Frost nipping at our toes, it is Congrats to the most Handsome Man in Blood Bowl, Handsome Dave, for taking out Season II with the Eataine Eagles.

Pre-Season for Season III is quite litrally ripping along, with more death, mayhem, cheating and bad hair cuts and some Blood Bowl.

I am stuck at work, but I can feel the Blood Bowl calling me back home...
- Nic
Dec. 17th, 2010
Finals Delayed - Season 3 waiting
All to play for and no where to play.

With season 3 delayed the coaches are getting itchy feet and have been found in the street playing impromtu games of BB just to keep their teams from beating on each other.

Roll on Season 3
- Allan
Nov. 3rd, 2010
Playoffs Drawn
YAY , the finals are here.
Season 2 is coming to a close and the playoffs have been drawn.

All to play for, everything to gain and the deaths of your players on the line (ste)

There will be a trophy oh yes.
- Allan
Oct. 3rd, 2010
Round 5 draw is up
Round 5 and it is a disaster. The refs have all gone on holiday and won't be there to officiate.

Fouls will not cause a send of.

Secret weapons still work as normal

Check the rules section for more info.
- Allan
Sep. 22nd, 2010
Round 4 draw is up
Read em and weep peeps. Round 4 draw has been posted and what is more this is goin gto b a quick one.

Speed Ball, 2 min rounds.

Don't hang around because it if you blink you will miss it
- Allan
Sep. 16th, 2010
In the beginning there was Yosser and Yosser said;

"GIZZA JOB!".,So Chrissie gave him a job and the job was a blog,


DA BLOG! cummin soon
- Allan
Sep. 5th, 2010
After round 2 is played there will be a random drawn bonus round of DUNGEON BOWL

If you haven't got the rules or a set of plans let me know and I will supply them for you .

Play your round 2, let me know and once everyone has played I will let you know your opponent.

The Wizards Council has spoken.
- Allan
Aug. 31st, 2010
Season One Results Posted
Check out your form , see where you came and who swept the board with player trophies.

It isn't who you think it is

- Allan
Aug. 25th, 2010
Season Two Begins Soon
28th August, Season two will begin.

There will be two groups. Vindaloo and Butter Chicken.

We are just waiting on two final games to be played in Season 1 before S2 can open and begin.

Get your teams ready and your BLOOD BOOTS!!! ON
- Allan
Aug. 20th, 2010
New Look for Season 2
You may have noticed small changes to the graphis on the website.

Please let me know what you think and if it loads ok for you.

Downloads page has been pulled until I work out why people can't get to it.
- Allan
Aug. 20th, 2010
Forfeiting Games
New rule in the rules section.

Basically it reads, don't do it. Plus something about you getting nothing and the other player getting everything.

- Allan
Aug. 17th, 2010
The new kids on the block, hailing from the east and weiging in at 18 tonnes ( they have SUMO), these boys are special and set to cause some trouble in the coming seasons.

The Nippon team has been entered into the teams list and raring to go.

- Allan
Aug. 17th, 2010
Hey BB Girls and BB Boys, giggle

Ahh , funny

Season 3 rules are now up in the forum for you to take in.

Season Three entry cut off is 20th August. BAM!
- Allan
Aug. 17th, 2010
Downloads Page
New page added with downloadable files for you to use during your games

So far the XLS roster is there so you can create standard teams willy nilly .

Also the League Rules for Squig Ball (which have been changed from season 1).

I will add more files for the downloads page and if you have useful suggestions of what should be there thenjust let me know.
- Allan
Aug. 5th, 2010
Round 15 coming up
OK, testing testing, is there anybody there?

Do people still read this?

No round 15s to be played before all the round 14s are done. Let's have a big gettogether for round 15 and try to play them out on one day. Perhaps the weekend of the 20th August at Cafe Edge.

As many of us as can make it.

- Allan
Aug. 2nd, 2010
No, I'm the real HOTGOBLIN
After a drunken struggle at customs and some rude words about immigration laws Commish Big_al has fought his way back into the country.

Much to the disgust of the crowd, the fight was broke up and Big_al was allowed back in the country.

Shouts of "Get out of my way shitbag" didn't really help his cause said on onlooker. "I'm not sure who Skull Murpy is but I think he might be in trouble. Big_al was mubling something about him having a mucky skull , or skull mucker or Im gonna give him a right royal skull fu..."

Sorry , that's all we have time for right now folks. And now a word from our sponsors at Go For It Travel...
- Allan
July 21st, 2010
Battle Bunker Open
GT's battle Bunker is open Tuesday 27th July.

Again, A.Commish can pick up/drop off if requested.

Legaue Results will be effectuated on the night (if my power stays on).

Kye-Lee Super Stadium in Albany Creek is open on Thursday as well.

Cheers - SM.
- SkullMurphy
July 9th, 2010
League Nights This Week

There will be a League Night this week @ GT's Battle Bunker in Holland Park West. . Tuesday 20th July.

Will be approving results on the night and can pick up/drop off coaches if requested.

See you at the Ground

- SM
- SkullMurphy
June 29th, 2010
Commish Coup
Skull Murpy in non-aggressive take over of HOTGOBLIN.

In the quietest and least violent take over of the century Skull Murpy has ousted Commish Big_al and landed his well rounded callipygian into the big chair.

Kicking and screaming, Big_al was lead out of the HOTGOBLIN Press shack and left in a pile round the back of the bike sheds by a very rough and muscular looking Elf in pink pants.

"He won't last", Big_al said to a random passer by, "he's too soft, they will walk all over him"

"perhaps it's time, I'm getting old and this is a young man's game after all"
- Allan
June 27th, 2010
Round 12 - Squig Ball
As always, at this time of year, the Squig infestation at HOTGOBLIN Press sees a flurry of activity. The annual Squig Ball is thrown and the legendary Games of Squig Ball are played.

Hordes of fans flock to see if this will be the year that a player dies from a vicious Squig bite. Let's hope so.

Round 12 will be Squig Ball. The rules are up in the League Rules section. Please read them carefully as they are not the same Squig Ball rules you will find elsewhere in the Blood Bowl world.

This is Squig Ball with a twist of danger.
- Allan
May 30th, 2010
New House Rule
Let's Land This Baby

Any player with the Throw Team Mate skill that throws a team mate and the thrown team mate makes a successful landing will gain 1spp.

This rule takes effect immediately.
- Allan
May 23rd, 2010
That's right everyone, round 8 is going to be SPEEDBALL...

SPEED BALL is strict 2 minute rounds for everyone for round 8 only.

Each match must be adjudicated by a third person timing the rounds of the match. Strictly 2 minutes of mayhem to get your play in and no more. As soon as the 2 mins is up the adjudicator for the match will stop the turn and the next person starts.

Let's play ball.
- Allan
May 20th, 2010
Just because Steve asked for it, just because we love Steve and because we love coffee there will be nerd bowl in the open at cafe EDGE this Saturday from 12:30 in the afternoon.

Plenty of room for games be they league or friendlies.

Bring it on!!!
(brrrr it's cold in here, there must be a goblin in the atmosphere)
- Allan
May 18th, 2010
Tuesday Night - DEATH NIGHT
The commish has decided that tonight is DEATH NIGHT!!!

There is DEATH in the air.

Nuffle has cast a shadow over the HOTGOBLIN Blood Bowl League and will reward any death during a game of Blood Bowl played tonight (18\05\2010).

Any death caused during a match will give SPPs tot eh opposing team. It does not matter how the death was caused, random event, blocks, crowd, cards, fouls.


These are cumulative so a team that causes 2 deaths gets 3 SPP

- Allan
May 11th, 2010
Bris Bowl 12-13th June
The Rotten Ravagers are having an open weekend at their graveyard in Mitchelton in June.

Located at the Brooke Hotel the Ravagers have thrown wide their doors for coaches to lock horns in mortal combat.

Two days of Blood Bowl mayhem with fantastic prizes supplied by Warpuppy and Shadowforge.
- Allan
May 7th, 2010
It's a game of two halves...
Reign of Blood and the chocolate chip boys just played and tied 1-1.

So being the nerd that I am I took a look at the stats for the season as it stands .

28 actual games not including the byes
23 Kills, nearly one every game. OUCH!
107 TDs which is one for every casualty.
108 casuallties which works out at nearly 4 per game. The Drakwld Destroyers may have something to do with this ratio.

With only 4 rounds played Death is on the cards and if it continues like this it will be a rough season for some.
- Allan
May 5th, 2010
QGG games day and club meat
Date: 8th May, 2010
Time: 9am – 4pm
Location: Banyo Public Library

Blood Bowl and more.

Get in itouch with Mick and Adam for details and get some games in. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to get reamed.

- Allan
Apr. 29th, 2010
The ALLSTARS league opens for business on the 1st May.

Starting with 6 teams to play every coach can now try their hand with other races and play the skilled up deadly Breton B*st*rds or the slippery Sneakers or even throw a goblin with Da Boyz.

See the League Rules section for details of how the ALLSTARS will work.

Essentially it is more Blood Bowl , more games, more teams and more...

- Allan
Apr. 23rd, 2010
HOTGOBLIN has found a stash of cash under the dead troll in the basement and can't keep hold of it for legal reasons so will be laundering it out to the teams for them to spend.

The trouble is the money can only be spent on special play cards and must be spent during round 4.

Each team will get 200k worth of special play cards for round 4 only.

The money can only be spent on special play cards.

Any money not spent is lost

Money cannot be held over or combined with any other inducements.

200k spent on special cards only.

If you forget to spend the money you will not get to spend it in another round.

Spend your money wisely (or not) and enjoy the benevolence of the dead troll in the basement.
- Allan
Apr. 21st, 2010
Under the Cover of Darkness
Thursday night is Blood Bowl night on the HOTGOBLIN deck.

Come see the Dicks and the Reamers and have your nails done by Pumpkin and her boys.

Balls will be flying and there will be facials for all from Loren Dappleshades.

From 4:30 pm kick off for the early birds.
- Allan
Apr. 15th, 2010
You can follow HOTGOBLIN Blood Bowl league and all the shenanigans on TWITTER

Search for hotgoblinmag on TWITTER and get twitted by the hotgoblin.

Absolutely and completely useless information, on the hour, every hour.

DIsclaimer: hourly updates may not happen every hour.
- Allan
Apr. 9th, 2010
Rising Crime
HOTGOBLIN would like to warn all coaches and players of a shocking rise in fork related crime in the Blood Bowl world.

A spokes elf from the "Good guys wear Spandex union for Bright Uniforms" commented that it was no longer safe to roam the streets let alone put on spandex and venture into the night.

"Forks can be deadly and we would like to see more fork control. It seems anyone can pick up a fork at a local fork store these days without a license or any kind of waiting period."
- Allan
Apr. 9th, 2010
In a disturbing revelation HOTGOBLIN PRESS can reveal that the Hell-Pitsburgh Stealers were seen earlier today slinking away into a sewer looking sheepish and decidedly DODGY!!!

A HOTGOBLIN reporter tried to approach the coach of the Stealers but was poked in the eye with a rusty fork and told to "piss off"

In other news, HOTGOBLIN Blood Bowl league was approached suspiciously soon after the Stealers left buy a very large Black Orc with what looked like a Skaven icon under his arm.

"Dis 'ere is our pitch now, we is plain' 'ere now and dont you forget it. ROIGHT!!"

When questioned about the Skaven icon under his arm that looked very much like the one that used to be on the Stealers stadium gates the reporter was poked in his other eye with another fork.
- Allan
Apr. 8th, 2010
Too much Blood Bowl?

Is there such a thing?

I do not think so an let's face it, neither do you, don't kid yourself.

So, in the face of this HOTGOBLIN will be opening a second "league"


Featuring the biggest names, the best and brightest stars, the yummiest pies and the prettiest Goblins.

HOTGOBLIN is looking for coaches who want more. More games, more Blood Bowl and the chance to play using one of those famous teams.

Run a TD with Sentio , fumble a ball with Flint and toss Chrissie Todd off...

The league will feature Star Teams and coaches will play random pick up games based on the a random draw of the Star Teams in the Allstars League.

Each game will count to an overall development of the Allstars team and the progression of the Allstars League.

Watch the teams develop, in fact be the very reason they develop.


Allstar Teams so far

Bugmans Strollers
Sakvenblight Sneakers
The Dead of the Nightwatch
Breton B*st*rds
Da Boyz from Da Blacstuff
- Allan
Apr. 8th, 2010
Reamers Slaughter Stealers
In a brutal and bloody match the Reamers have brought home 2 for 2 in their second win.

Undefeated and running high on rat blood and warp juice the reamers are looking strong.

Eyewitness reports coming are saying that the pitch was even bloodier then the game the Wild West Foulers recently played.

"It's murder on the dance floor...
- Allan
Apr. 8th, 2010
New Links...
Check out the new links and resources posted in the , yes, that's right, LINKS SECTION of the league site right here on


Blood Bowl Playbook website for those of you tactically minded is the latest and is very good.
- Allan
Apr. 4th, 2010
A new team has fronted on the HOTGOBLIN circuit.

The Etaine Eagles and their High Elf entourage have arrived fashionably late and will be picking up the ball from round two.

IN real terms this means that the match draws will be shuffled to accommodate the new team and the odd number of teams.

Each of you will now have a bye during the season. For the rules surrounding a bye please check the League Rules section.
- Allan
Apr. 3rd, 2010
In a shock revelation Beasts Coach Kojihama has paid the dark gods in cash, blood and tears to resurrect the hairy beast.

A ripple of distaste and unrest has run through the league with coaches screaming in fear for the safety of their precious positionals.

This has reached the long and sensetive ears of the HOTGOBLIN and in order to redress the balance of the dark forces will reward any team able to bring the head of Gazghul Al'huq to the HOTGOBLIN press offices will receive 200,000 gold crowns.

- Allan
Apr. 2nd, 2010
Sate your BB Desires
With PODCASTS, there are some great podcasts out there.

HOTGOBLIN has been eavesdropping often and in secret.

Tactics, plays, all things BB

Check them out in the LINKS section here on HOTGOBLIN
- Allan
Mar. 27th, 2010
Season1 Start Date
HOTGOBLIN Blood Bowl Season 1 will commence on the 1st April.


Queensland Gamers Guild Inc have offered their venue for the big kick off on Saturday 3rd April for those who wish to get right into playing. The venue will be open from 9am to 4pm. So come along during the day, play a game or even two of Blood Bowl and kick off the season amongst friends

Where is it?

Meeting Room 1
Banyo Library
284 St Vincents Road
Banyo Qld

- Allan
Mar. 26th, 2010
Pleas post your chosen race for season 1 in the forum and I will create the team for you to populate.


- Allan
Mar. 26th, 2010
Name Generator
Coaches, do you need some names for your team?

Check out http://www.seventhsanctum.com/

Free random name generator for your teams.

- Allan
Mar. 26th, 2010
Online League.
Check out the HOTGOBLIN online league.

Log on and search for HOTGOBLIN in the leagues section.

Ask the HOBBL Commish for the password :)
- Allan
Mar. 24th, 2010
Twitter the HOTGOBLIN
Follow HOTGOBLIN on Twitter

search for hotgoblinmag

Every go for it, every foul, every time.
- Allan

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